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Team Izzy - Athletics

Team Izzy – Athletics 
Catalog # 1000

Team Izzy - Athletics w/Banner

Team Izzy – Athletics w/Banner

Catalog # 1001

Team Izzy - Archery

Team Izzy – Archery

Catalog # 1002

Team Izzy - Archery (Artists Proof)

Team Izzy – Archery (Artists Proof)

Catalog # 1002-01

Team Izzy - Archery w/Banner

Team Izzy – Archery w/Banner

Catalog # 1003

Team Izzy - Badminton

Team Izzy – Badminton

Catalog # 1004

Team Izzy - Badminton w/Banner

Team Izzy – Badminton w/Banner

Catalog # 1005

Team Izzy - Baseball

Team Izzy – Baseball

Catalog # 1006

Team Izzy - Baseball w/Banner

Team Izzy – Baseball w/Banner

Catalog # 1007

Team Izzy - Basketball

Team Izzy – Basketball

Catalog # 1008

Team Izzy - Basketball w/Banner

Team Izy – Basketball w/Banner

Catalog # 1009

Team Izzy - Boxing

Team Izzy – Boxing

Catalog # 1010

Team Izzy - Canoeing

Team Izzy – Canoeing

Catalog # 1012

Team Izzy - Cycling

Team Izzy – Cycling

Catalog # 1014

Team Izzy - Cycling w/Banner

Team Izzy – Cycling w/Banner

Catalog # 1015

Team Izzy - Diving

Team Izzy – Diving

Catalog # 1016

Team Izzy - Diving w/Banner

Team Izzy – Diving w/Banner

Catalog # 1017

Team Izzy - Equestrian

Team Izzy – Equestrian

The Izzy Project

What is the Izzy Project?

Izzy, the Olympic mascot from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, has become the most widely collected mascot of all time. The exact number of different Izzy pins produced is still not known! Those of us involved in The Izzy Project are dedicated to identifying each and every pin ever produced. We are currently working on a collector’s reference book to hopefully catalogue each and every pin. We are also compiling background information in reference to Izzy and will include as much of this as possible in the book. We are seeking any additional information that you may have to contribute, including pin scans, other Izzy collectibles, stories, facts and figures. Basically any and all things Izzy! As we are also collectors, we buy – trade – sell Izzy pins, as you can tell from this website! We will have our extras posted here under the Sale/Trade page. If you have any that we may be interested in please let us know. We look forward to your help with our research.

Latest updates:
January 14, 2003, 9:43 am

IzzyPins goes live! Happy Anniversary Michael.

January 20, 2003, 10:33 am has been up for 1 week now and has had a great response! Thanks to Robin, our extraordinarily talented web-designer, for making a thousand minor changes to make this site so good. And thanks to Sylvia for keeping us straight and writing a wonderful history of Izzy. We are continuing to add pins daily and will soon by adding ‘Izzy Memorabilia’ for your ‘viewing pleasure!’ Thanks for all the kind emails, comments and pins!! Michael

March 11, 2003, 7:16 am

Still more pins to add. A special thanks goes to Vince and Elizabeth for digging up more pins for the site. THANKS!! We’re now the #1 site on a Google search!!

Izzys Link


These are a few of my favorite sites.
A Soda Pin collection that includes all of the Olympics can be found at Not Izzy, but still a good site.

Over 500 pin collecting links, pin collecting resources, and much more! A great site for collectors of all types of pins.

Vince & ‘Keeper Kat’ invite you to visit PinPond — a great place to find Olympic pins that you need for your collection.

One of the best sites I know of for Equestrian Pins of all kinds. This link will take you right to the heart of the Atlanta-Izzy pin section. Trot on over and enjoy!