About us

My passion for collecting Izzy pins from the Atlanta Olympic Games began with this beautiful Oldenburg horse. He was foaled the day before the Opening Ceremonies, while his owner was in Atlanta for the Games. Oldenburgs are named using the first initial of their sire (in this case, Impuls). In keeping with tradition and to honor the Atlanta Games mascot, the horse was named Izzy. Three years ago, shortly after my wife, Nancy, and I purchased him, I thought it would be nice to give Nancy something “Izzy” for her birthday. Searching on eBay, I noticed Izzy pins, bought one, and was hooked.

Izzy & Me

One year and 700 pins later, I wrote to thank that eBay seller, John D. Gregor, for introducing me to the wonderful world of Izzy pin collecting. John had been the Pin Section Editor of the Official Pin Guide of the 1996 Olympic Games. He enjoyed my letter so much, he sent me this rare and coveted pin of Izzy reading the Pin Guide!

According to Bob Izzi, the premier Izzy collector and expert, I probably have the 4th or 5th most complete collection of Izzy Pins in the world. Each day is a new day to search for new pins. Every collector understands the thrill of the hunt!

The exact number of different Izzy pins produced is still not known, so I’ve even started the Izzy Project – a mission to identify and catalogue every Izzy Pin ever produced. As you look through my collection, mypins for sale or trade, and my wanted list, if you discover you have a pin that isn’t pictured, please let me know so I can add it to the catalogue.

Today, Nancy is a Missouri State Champion Amateur Dressage Rider, and Izzy, the horse, is a champion in the making. You might say that Nancy and I are both more than a little crazy about Izzy!

Enjoy the site!