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To make it easier to navigate through my collection, I've organized the pins into categories. Click on any category below to see specific pins. Enjoy!

Pins of Izzy Engaging in any Sporting Event
Pins Showing Izzy with Olympic Sponsors
Pins with Izzy Celebrating the Holidays
Izzy counting the days until the start of the Games,  and celebrating the 17 days of the Games
Izzy on pins that didn't "make the team" and on unauthorized pins
Izzy being honored by particpating countries
Pins of Izzy shown at various Games venues and Pins linking Izzy to other Olympic Games
Izzy carries 197 flags from particpating countries
Pins that didn't fit into any other category
Pins that were released as sets -- some I have framed, some are loose
Various "non - pin" Izzy items -- just about everything you can imagine!
Izzy images, photos and drawings
Photos of "our" Izzy and our other horses as well
Personal Photos

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